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What are the benefits of passing the ISO9001 international quality management system certification?

Release time:2021-12-01

system certification?
       Quality management system certification refers to a third-party certification body that has obtained quality management system certification qualifications. According to the officially released quality management system standards, the company’s quality management system is evaluated, and the qualified third-party organization will issue a quality management system certification certificate and issue a registration announcement to prove that the company’s quality management and quality assurance capabilities meet the corresponding standards or Activities that have the ability to provide products in accordance with the specified quality requirements.

       Generally speaking, the benefits are divided into internal and external: internal management can be strengthened to improve personnel quality and corporate culture; externally, corporate image and market share can be improved. The details are as follows:

        1. Strengthen quality management and improve corporate efficiency; enhance customer confidence and expand market share. The certification bodies responsible for ISO9001 quality system certification are all nationally recognized authoritative organizations, and they have very strict audits on the company's quality system. In this way, for the enterprise, quality management can be carried out in accordance with the internationally standardized quality system that has been rigorously audited to truly meet the legal and scientific requirements, greatly improve work efficiency and product qualification rate, and quickly improve the economic benefits and economic benefits of the enterprise. Social benefits. For the outside of the company, when the customer knows that the supplier implements management in accordance with international standards, has obtained the ISO9001 quality system certification, and has strict audits and regular supervision by the certification body, they can be sure that the company can stably provide qualified products or Services, thereby safely entering into supply and marketing contracts with companies, and expanding the company’s market share. It can be said that both have received immediate results.

  2. Obtained an international green card-the "pass", which eliminated international trade barriers. In order to protect their own interests, many countries have set up various trade barriers, including tariff barriers and non-tariff barriers. Among them, non-tariff barriers are mainly technical barriers. Among the technical barriers, they are mainly barriers to product quality certification and ISO9001 quality system certification. Especially in the "World Trade Organization", each member country has eliminated tariff barriers and can only set up technical barriers. Therefore, obtaining certification is the main way to eliminate trade barriers. After my country’s entry into the WTO, it has lost the strict boundaries between international trade and international trade. All trade may encounter the above-mentioned technical barriers. The industry should pay great attention to it and take precautions in time.

        3. Save the energy and cost of the second review. In modern trade practices, second-party audits have long been a common practice, and they have gradually discovered that they have great drawbacks: an organization usually has to supply many customers, and second-party audits will undoubtedly bring a heavy burden to the organization; On the one hand, customers also need to pay considerable expenses, and at the same time, they must also consider the experience and level of the dispatched or hired personnel. Otherwise, the expenses will not achieve the expected purpose. Only ISO9001 certification can eliminate such drawbacks. Because after the first party has applied for the third-party ISO9001 certification and obtained the certification, many second parties do not need to audit the first party, so that both the first party and the second party can save a lot of money Energy or expense. In addition, if the company applies for UL, CE and other product quality certifications after obtaining the ISO9001 certification, the certification body can also be exempted from the cost of repeated certification of the company's quality management system.

        4. Economic cooperation and technological exchanges that are conducive to international views. According to the conventions of international economic cooperation and technical exchanges, partners must have a common language, the same pair of understandings and common norms in terms of product (including service) quality in order to cooperate and exchange. The ISO9001 quality management system certification just provides this kind of trust, which is conducive to the rapid agreement between the two parties.

       5. Strengthen the internal management of the enterprise, stabilize business operations, and reduce technical or quality fluctuations caused by the resignation of employees. Improve corporate image.

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