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What types of common five-axis milling machining centers are there?

Release time:2021-12-01

   With the rapid development of military industry and civilian industry, ordinary CNC' target='_blank'>machining machinery is becoming more and more difficult to meet market demand. A large number of five-axis' target='_blank'>machining centers are gradually facing the market. At present, the common five-axis milling machining centers on the market mainly include the following kind:

    The first is to assemble a flat rotary table at the workbench of the vertical machining center, and a separate rotary head is assembled on the Z axis, which generally swings left and right along the Y direction; the movement directions X, Y, and Z are linear axes , The rotary axis of the worktable is the C axis and the Z-direction single pendulum axis B axis;

   The second type is a five-axis machining center with a structure cradle beam type. This structure is more professional than a 3+2 five-axis machining center for processing impellers. It can perform precise processing of molds and has better processing accuracy and processing efficiency. And processing speed. Of course, the cost will be more expensive. The movement directions X, Y, Z are linear axes, and the rotation axis and tilt axis are similar to the 3+2 five-axis machining center, which is A/C axis or B/C axis;

   The third type is to transfer a double pendulum head on the headstock of the gantry machine tool. No matter which way, the X, Y, and Z axes are all linear axes, and the rotary or space axes are A, B, and C axes;

   The fourth type is a 3+2 form of five-axis machining center. Its structure is to install a cool turntable on the original vertical machining center. The movement direction is X, Y, Z linear axes, and the two-axis turntable follows the X direction. Design, tilt axis and rotation axis are A, C axis, design the turntable along the Y direction, tilt axis and rotation axis are B, C axis, these two methods are English processing of impeller and mold and hardware parts with complex curved surfaces; above Several types of models can realize five-axis five-axis linkage, but five-axis linkage is not a pure five-axis machining center. Only when equipped with a CNC system with PTCP function can it be regarded as a true five-axis machining center.

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