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Top 5 Low Volume Production Strategies for Business Growth

Release time:2022-03-12

Product design is a competitive and fast-changing world in itself as innovations and technology upgrades continue to be introduced to the manufacturing industry. With product lifetimes shortening, manufacturers are steering clear from mass production and shifting to low-volume production. It may produce fewer pieces than usual, but with the right strategies, it can drive business growth and long-term success. Here are five strategies you should know about:

  1. JIT manufacturing

JIT stands for just-in-time and while this manufacturing strategy is commonly practiced in high-volume environments, it can work just as well in low-volume projects, too. That’s because it’s focused on serving demand. Rather than making products to anticipate sales, manufacturing happens after an order is made. This way, manufacturers can minimize their inventory, save on storage space, and control costs.

That said; this strategy is best when the product is too expensive or time-consuming to manufacture and when the material to build products is costly or scarce. This low-volume production strategy is usually practiced in the automotive industry and by companies that make custom items.

  1. High mix, low volume manufacturing

HMLV creates many different products together in small batches and requires a lot of process changes and various tools and materials. It requires adaptability and creativity, so it may not be best for an assembly line environment. However, it makes sense when you have to produce a lot of components for one product.

  1. Adaptive lean low volume manufacturing

At first, lean principles might not make sense for low-volume production but its waste reduction benefits can be practical as it lets you build one product in fewer steps. With continuously improving methods, you can scale the operation and ensure a cost-effective production stage. This strategy is best for building a series of identical goods or products that are not necessarily complex because there might be some deviations.

  1. Connect with experts

Find a reputable provider of manufacturing services from China that specializes in both prototyping and low-volume manufacturing solutions.

  1. Use innovative and new technologies

Manufacturing technologies like 3D printing, vacuum casting, and injection' target='_blank'>' target='_blank'>molding are flexible and can be used for low-volume production. Just be sure to work with the right manufacturer from China.

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