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What is the difference between die casting and injection molding?

Release time:2021-12-25

What is the difference between die casting and injection' target='_blank'>' target='_blank'>molding?

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Overview and features

Injection molding is one of the best molding methods of injection moulding suppliers. Materials such as synthetic resin heated and melted.  Similarly, sent into a mold. And then cooled to perform the desired molding.

How do injection moulding suppliers define injection moulding?

It is called “injection molding“. Because it resembles the injection of liquid with a syringe. The process flow starts from “melting” the material. Then “flowing”, and “finishing”.

With injection molding, injection moulding suppliers can generate various shapes of parts in large quantities. Therefore, it is used in a wide range of products including daily necessities.

What is plastic?

Plastic is a synthetic resin. It comes mainly from petroleum.  It is a solid that is artificially shaped into a useful shape. Resin is the main material in it. However, rubber, paint, adhesives, etc. are excluded

When plastics were discovered in the 19th century. They became popular because of their ease of processing.
Metals have been used since BC. But it has been more than 100 years since plastics were put into practical use and spread. Compared to metal, it can be said that it is a new material. Recently acquired by injection moulding suppliers.

How do injection moulding suppliers Classify plastics?

Although there are various classification methods for plastics. They can be roughly divided into:

  1. thermoplastic resins
  2. and thermosetting resins.

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Thermosetting resin

A resin that has the property of undergoing a chemical reaction. And hardening when heated. It has the property that once it hardens. It will not become soft even if heat is applied.

Therefore, it is suitable for use in high temperature environments. And in situations where heat resistance is required.
For example, there is a plastic ashtray. Which is made of thermosetting resin.
It’s a cookie-like image. That doesn’t change shape when placed in a mold and baked.


  • Excellent creep characteristics Cons
  • Cannothave complicated shape
  • Molding cycles are long
  • Since it has good fluidity, it easily causes burrs

The main injection moulding suppliers thermosetting resins are:

  • phenolic resin
  • polyester
  • Diallyl
  • Epoxy
  • melamine and urea

Originally, thermosetting resin products were the mainstream for plastic molding. But now thermoplastics are becoming the mainstream. However, there are many things that can only be thermosetting.

So, they will never disappear. Although it is a niche in the market. injection moulding suppliers are pursuing the possibility of new thermosetting resins. Such as applications as a substitute for metals. As a manufacturer with strong thermosetting properties.

What properties injection moulding suppliers provide?

The design of resin injection molded parts has various characteristics. And roles for each part. Subsequently, the materials used also have advantages and disadvantages.

So, it is necessary to guide them well. It can be very tricky. But following a few simple rules can get you through the difficult design challenges.

For example, in injection molding, the following factors are generally problems when designing parts.

  1. Clip and snap fit
  2. Living hinge
  3. boss
  4. Characters on parts
  5. Two-color molding

injection moulding suppliers major industries

injection moulding suppliers are an essential part of our lives. There is a great possibility that injection molding is involved in the devices you are reading here.

  • Smartphones
  • mobile phones
  • personal computers.

Many parts made by injection moulding suppliers are used in automobiles. As well as electric appliances. Such as:

  • TVs
  • washing machines
  • and printers.

“Injection molding” is used to make various objects. That you see and use. Such as:

  • DVDs
  • Blu-ray discs
  • handles for drivers and scissors
  • and controllers for video games.

Injection molding is the most used plastic molding

Plastics are now commonplace in our lives. It’s so obvious that when you use the product, you don’t even think that it’s made of plastic. The range of its use is wide-ranging. And it is used for most objects in our room.

injection moulding suppliers use it in everything from everyday appliances. Such as:

  • TVs
  • washing machines
  • Printers
  • mobile phones
  • plastic bottles of tea
  • shampoo containers
  • scissors handles and drivers.

Although plastics are like air. Do you know most of the plastic products are made by injection molding?

Recently, 3D printers have come to the spotlight. And the term mold is used in comparison with 3D printers. To put it more simply, it may be more accurate to say “injection molding and mold”.

Such injection molding is a frequently used entity. That is said to be the king of plastic molding.

Features of injection molding High quality and mass production

As mentioned above, injection molding is a plastic molding method used in the manufacture of all products.

However, the manufacturing method and features are known only to injection moulding suppliers. But the principle is extremely simple. To put it simply, it is a method of melting plastic at a high temperature of about 200 °C.  Pushing it into the mold and cooling it to solidify.

What kind of shapes injection moulding suppliers can make with injection molding?

complicated shapes can be made with high quality mold. The greatest merit is the good productivity. Due to the modern modern injection molding machines, plastic products can be produced at surprisingly fast speeds.

The impact of injection moulding suppliers method on molding products

Depending on the type of product. A faster product can be produced at a rate of one in a few seconds. It can be said that it is a very efficient molding method. It is a symbol of injection moulding suppliers mass production system.

Conversely, if the sales amount above a certain amount cannot be expected. It can be said that it is a molding method that is difficult to use. Because the cost of manufacturing the mold is high.

 Let’s take a closer look at the mechanism of injection molding.


How injection molding works Plastic syringes?

Injection molding is roughly divided into two parts. One is an injection device. That melts plastic raw materials and pours them into a mold. This injection device is simply a plastic syringe. The other part is a mold clamping device. That hardens the melted plastic and takes out the product.

This mold clamping device has a role of cooling the melted plastic. Injection molding is basically a molding method consisting of these two parts. Here, we will first introduce the mechanism of the injection device. Which is the part of the syringe.

What is the difference between die casting and injection molding?

injection moulding suppliers have several ways to process parts. Die casting and injection molding are the most suitable processing technologies for mass production of parts.


The two use molds to produce the parts. But they are similar and have distinct differences.

First of all, regarding die casting, die casting is a technology. That manufactures parts using molten metal. Mostly aluminum alloy using a mold.

Die casting uses metal molds to manufacture parts. But it belongs to the technology called “casting”. Because the material used is metal. Technology that cools products by applying high pressure.

On the other hand, injection molding is a technology. That melts plastic. And injects it into a mold at high speed. Then cools and solidifies it to produce a product.

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injection moulding suppliers conclusion
The major difference between these two processing methods is the material. One uses aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys to produce products. The other uses plastic resin to produce products.

Also, the temperature at which the material is heated is different. There are almost no major differences in the shapes. injection moulding suppliers can make it just by using different materials. Even when using a mold to manufacture products.

There are also differences in the products manufactured. Die casting machines produce:

  • automobile engines
  • home appliances,
  • and other products that need to be made of metal.

It is best to use the best injection moulding suppliers technology in the right place.

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