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Die Casting Service

Release time:2024-03-04

Die Casting Service

Die Casting Service

During the development of Kelvo, we usually provide customers with prototypes and small batch production services, including CNC' target='_blank'>machining, vacuum complex' target='_blank'>molding, 3D printing and mold and injection molding. A lot of clients asked whether we can provide small batch metal casting Serve.


Therefore, we started looking for metal casting suppliers to meet these demands. Unfortunately, the search results were dismal. Large foundry companies have no interest in small batch production, and small foundry companies cannot meet our quality requirements. It's a challenge, but we see it as a business opportunity: if it's hard for us to find the right companies for these projects, we know it's even harder for overseas clients to find them.


Four years ago, we managed to establish a stable relationship with a small number of medium-sized partners who could meet our quality requirements and delivery time requirements. Die casting molds are machined in our workshop's mold shop then we are now able to offer high pressure die casting of aluminium, magnesium and zinc, as well as investment casting of brass and all types of steel

What is Die Casting?

A process similar to injection molding, pressure die casting is a metal casting process in which molten metal is forced into a mold cavity to create metal parts.

At Vowin, we use certified machines and pressure casting dies to form your designs from molten metal — typically zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, lead, pewter or other tin-based alloys.  Our pressure die casting process is effective and very reliable, and can result in significant cost savings.  Because of our flexibility, we can accommodate any project needs you may have – from small batches of 50 to as many as 1,000 pieces.

  • Power Tools

    Power Tools

  • Outdoor Equipment Housing

    Outdoor Equipment Housing

  • Motor Cover

    Motor Cover

  • Medical Devices

    Medical Devices

  • Meat Grinder Accessories

    Meat Grinder Accessories

  • Lighting Parts

    Lighting Parts

Advantages Of Die Casting

  • Works with aluminum, zinc and magnesium

    Works with aluminum, zinc and magnesium

  • Mold tools can make tens of thousands of parts economically

    Mold tools can make tens of thousands of parts economically

  • Surface finish and accuracy are excellent

    Surface finish and accuracy are excellent

  • Complex geometries can be achieved

    Complex geometries can be achieved

  • Suited  medium or largemetal parts

    Suited medium or largemetal parts

Why use Vowin for metal casting?

  • Why use kaierwo for metal casting?

    It may sound counter-intuitive to use Vowin for your metal casting services, but we offer good reasons why:


    We have our own mold manufacturing workshop and a professional die-casting mold team, which can efficiently design and manufacture good die-casting molds.

    We have established excellent relationships with our partners in die casting and investment casting.


    We have a large number of precision CNC machine tools for post-processing With our project management experience, we can guarantee a smooth flow of information and on-time delivery.


Casting Materials

Casting Materials

Aluminum, Zinc, Magnesium, Steel


We provide high pressure die casting in several different alloys of aluminum, zinc, and magnesium.  Your choice of materials may depend on cost, weight and performance. Here are some tips:


Aluminum is ideal for strong, lighweight yet complex geometries.  It can also be highly polished. Our alloys include ADC12, A380, ADC10 and A413.

Zinc is the least expensive but is good for plating. Available alloys are Zinc #3 and #5.

Magnesium offers the best strength-to-weight ratio for higher performance applications. We offer magnesium alloy AZ91D.


Casting Finishes: Sandblasting, Polishing, Plating, Painting, Powder coating

  • Die Casting Service
  • Die Casting Service
  • Die Casting Service
  • Die Casting Service
  • Die Casting Service
  • Die Casting Service
  • Die Casting Service
  • Die Casting Service


  • Is there a minimum order quantity?

    We generally accept metal casting orders of no fewer than 100 units.

  • What makes Vowin's pressure die casting service unique?

    Our specialists have decades of experience making the finest pressure die castings from aluminum, magnesium and zinc. These parts are routinely used in a variety of aerospace, automotive, industrial and commercial applications. We also pride ourselves on the breadth of our finishing services, which include CNC machining, plating, anodizing, painting, EDM surfacing and many more.

  • What are Vowin's quality standards for its pressure die casting services?

    Our rigorous quality standards set our team apart from other pressure die casting services. As with all of our volume manufacturing services, the secret to getting great parts is consistency.

  • Can Vowin provide design services, industrial design support or product development support as an extension of its pressure die casting services?

    Yes. An essential part of our pressure die casting process is our expanded service geared for design-for-manufacturing support. While we once reserved this service only for approved orders, we now provide it to all incoming RFQs. We also offer light assembly services to serve your needs.

  • How do I get a quote for Vowin’s pressure die casting services?

    We make it easy to get a fast quotation. Simply upload your CAD files and product details and we’ll send you a free quotation within 24 hrs. or less.

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