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What is the most common method plastic die mold manufacturer use in molding?

Release time:2021-12-25

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plastic die mold manufacturer

Here, we will explain the most demanded plastic die mold manufacturer. Although the plastic molds are recovering. However, if you look closely, there are variations in the industry. There are increasing molds with high added value. And there are shades.

Many people may not know how much they contribute to life. This time, I will explain the flow of actual mold making from basic knowledge. Such as mold types and typical products. If you are considering mass production of products using molds, please refer to it.

What is a mold? Plastic die mold manufacturer

A mold is a mold made of metal. It has a pair of structures at the top and bottom. And plastic die mold manufacturer uses it for the purpose of “making a large number of products.

Molds are sometimes called the mother of manufacturing. Because they enable cheap and stable mass production.

As the name implies, everything you see in everyday life is made using molds. For example:

  • Automobile
  • sheet metal
  • personal computers and
  • consumer electronics
  • rubber products

All die Mass production is possible thanks to this.

 What is a die casting mold?

Die casting molds are made of aluminum or aluminum alloy. So molded products have strong heat resistance. Similarly, plastic die mold manufacturer make heat radiation parts.
For example, it is often used in hoods for lighting equipment. Moreover, metal fittings for clothes hanging on the outdoor porch, and building parts.

The strength of steel materials increases by quenching. But it is difficult to cut. And problems such as due to quenching occur. However, with a experience and technology, customers can clear these various problems.

Plastic die mold manufacturer Features of die casting mold

Plastic die mold manufacturer can solve a number of problems relevant to molding.
He can handle everything from small cassette type nests regardless of the field.

What is a “casting die”?

Molds are used in various fields. Such as:

  • Resin
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • glass, etc.

Among them, molds are for manufacturing castings. Castings made by melting metal are roughly classified into ferrous non-ferrous castings.

Plastic die mold manufacturer types of plastic molds

The types of molds are mainly classified according to the materials used. The representative ones are as follows.

Press type

Plastic mold

Forging die

Casting mold

Die casting type

Glass type

Rubber mold

Here I will share expert plastic die mold manufacturer specific molds and manufacturing methods.

Press mold

Press dies that use sheet metal materials are mainly die, bend, squeeze, and compression dies. And the products are very diverse. Such as:

  • automobile exteriors
  • home appliances
  • and miscellaneous goods .

Plastic mold

Plastic die mold manufacturer divides Plastic molds into:

  • injection molding
  • compression molding
  • vacuum molding
  • transfer molding
  • and blow molding.

Typical plastic die mold manufacturer products are as wide as the press type. Such as: automobiles, home appliances, and various goods.

What is forging die?

Forging dies that compress and process steel materials are classified into hot forging and cold forging. Due to the unique characteristics of forging that produce tenacity. It is useful in products that require strength. Such as:

  • important automobile parts
  • motorcycle parts
  • jet fan
  • and construction machine parts .

Plastic die mold manufacturer casting mold

Plastic die mold manufacturer divides casting dies into:

  • shelf molds
  • lost wax
  • gravity casting
  • pressure casting, etc.

custom plastic parts manufacturers

Die casting type

A die casting mold is a type of casting mold. That is cast by casting aluminum alloy or zinc alloy. By applying high pressure during processing, it is possible to spread the material. Main products are:

  • Precision machine parts
  • automobile engine parts
  • camera body, etc.


Glass mold

There are two types of glass molds used to mold glass materials.  Pressing molds which have a processing method similar to general molds. And blow molds that take advantage of the characteristics of glass .

The mold is suitable for forming thick plates and bowls. And the blow mold is characterized by bubbles. Main plastic die mold manufacturer products include:

  • glass bottles
  • jars
  • tableware, and
  • Lighting equipment.


Plastic die mold manufacturer Rubber mold

We can divide rubber molds for molding natural rubber into direct pressure molding. There are various types of rubber products. But tires, footwear, industrial parts, etc. are typical.

 What is the importance of plastic die molds in our lives?

As you can see plastic die mold manufacturer uses molds in the various products. The reason is that molds are an essential part of modern manufacturing.

Let’s take the car exterior frame as an example. If you want to achieve the current quality with a processing method other than die. One method is to cut out from a metal block by cutting.

However, it takes too much time and the quality is not stable. Furthermore, the scraped parts have to be discarded. Which wastes time, quality, cost, and all aspects?

Molds solve all of these problems

Furthermore, not only is it directly linked to productivity. Such as:

  • Speedup
  • stability of quality
  • cost reduction
  • and short delivery time

But also changes in the times and needs. Such as product diversification, small lots, weight reduction, etc.

Note: It can be said that molds that can inexpensively and stably mass-produce products important to our lives.

Injection molding using a plastic mold is a production method suitable for mass production. Various products such as automobile interiors, home appliances, and daily necessities are becoming plastic. And knowledge of plastics and molds is vital for plastic die mold manufacturers.

Plastic die mold manufacturer Process of producing with plastic mold

There are several molding methods for producing plastic products. But here we will explain the most typical injection molding and its mold. Mostly, plastic die mold manufacturer use this methods.

Injection molding is a molding method in which a molten plastic material is injected into a mold. It goes through following steps:

  • Cooling
  • Making it solid
  • Final product

Plastic die mold manufacturers complete plastic products in four steps.

  • Clamping Mold clamping
  • Injection Plastic filling
  • Cooling Molded product cooling
  • Ejection Molded product removal
 What is an injection molding machine?

An injection molding machine is a machine that fills the mold with molten plastic. The injection molding machine consists of a mold clamping part and an injection part. Both parts serve different purposes.


The injection molding machine can automatically perform a series of operations. Such as melting and pouring plastic, cooling and hardening.

Process 1 Clamping mold clamping

The open mold is closed by the mold clamping device.

Process 2 Injection Filling of plastic

Fill the molten plastic into the closed mold with an injection molding machine. The “screw” has the role of pushing out the plastic.

Process 3 Cooling Cooling of molded products

After filling, cool the plastic in the mold for a certain time.

Process 4 Ejection Removal of molded products

When cooling is completed. Open the mold and take out the molded product.

plastic die mold manufacturers molds plastic products by the above process.

Although injection molding can produce a large amount of products. Conditions affect its quality. And therefore it is necessary for the plastic die mold manufacturers technology and quality control.

Plastic die mold manufacturers essential to our lives

There are various types of plastic materials plastic die mold manufacturer molds. Since the melting temperature varies depending on the plastic. It is necessary to set detailed conditions. Such as:

  • injection molding machine temperature
  • mold temperature
  • Injection

Most of the industrial products used in our lives are made using tools called “molds”. Just look around, and you will find a number of examples.

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