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What is Reverse Engineering?

Release time:2022-02-14

Advantages of Reverse Engineering

  • To shorten the' target='_blank'>product design and development cycle, speed up the replacement speed of the products
  • To reduce the cost and risk of developing new products;
  • To speed up the geometric and Serialization Design for the products;
  • It is suitable for both single piece and small batch production, especially benefit for making molds.


Reverse Engineering Applicaitons

  • automotive manufacturing
  • aerospace
  • electronics
  • medical field
  • cultural relics
  • sculpture
  • construction
  • scientific research

Why Choose Duch Group China Reverse Engineering?

We have professional reverse engineers and advanced 3D laser scanners, which can quickly and easily obtain 3D data of scanned objects. Through professional 3D post software, we can accurately obtain various structures from curved threads to ribs and cavities. You can also convert 3D drawings into traditional and commonly used 2D engineering drawings through the corresponding software according to your own needs. You only need to provide us with a physical model, we can also come to the on-site service, let you experience professional services.
With more than 20 years of 3d scanning reverse engineering service and 3D copying experience, we have successfully provided professional reverse engineering services for customers in reverse engineering projects of automotive manufacturing, aerospace, mold manufacturing, electronics, consumer, medical, cultural relics, sculpture, construction, scientific research and other industries. The solution helps industry customers shorten the development cycle, increase production efficiency and improve product quality.

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