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How to Choose the Right Plastic for Your CNC Machining Project

Release time:2022-01-10

How to Choose the Right Plastic for Your CNC Machining Project

Manufacturing is an efficient process in which goods can be standardized through the use of CNC' target='_blank'>machining. However, for the process to run smoothly and the tools to last long, you must select the right Precision CNC Machining tools that are known for the quality, and choose the correct tool for the material being machined. Some important points should not be missed while evaluating the CNC tool for purchase. The weight of the machine, the working radius, availability of spare parts, the speed of the machine, power consumption, materials, etc are some of the tips to consider for precision CNC machinery.

If you are looking for a Precision CNC Machine shop to manufacture plastic parts, then you need to know about the plastic types available. There are various plastic types, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

1. ABS

ABS is a general use of plastic. It is used in CNC machining because it is great for pre-molding and purpose prototyping. Also, it doesn’t cost a lot. However, one drawback of ABS is that it doesn’t have good chemical or abrasion resistance.

2. Nylon

A local CNC machinist may choose Nylon because of its tensile strength and durability. However, its drawback is that it can absorb moisture, which can cause it to swell.

3. Acrylic

Acrylic is known as Plexiglass or Lucite. It is strong and resistant to scratches. However, acrylic can be brittle. That is why it is prone to cracking or shattering.

4. Delrin

Delrin is a good alternate for a CNC machining task that needs a lot of stiffness and friction. However, it can be tough to connect.


HDPE is short for high-density polyethylene. It is great for chemical resistance, slippery surface, and electrical insulation. However, it is difficult to machine, so CNC milling is recommended, using high speeds.

6. Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is the most durable form of plastic available for the machining process. It is resistant and stiff. However, it is prone to scratches.

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