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Why abs plastic molding manufacturers prefer to apply 3D Printing for Molding?

Release time:2021-12-25

What is the role of abs plastic' target='_blank'>' target='_blank'>molding manufacturers in modern industry?

abs plastic molding manufacturers

Uses of Abs plastic by abs plastic molding manufacturers.

It is the most versatile material in industrial products. The basics of plastics are composed of molecules combined with each other. abs plastic molding manufacturers offer a great  variety of products. And it depends on the type of product you make.

In particular, modern industrial products require the plastic materials that we use in various ways. And it depends on the characteristics of the product. Above all, it can be said that Abs plastic is the most versatile plastic material.

Its range of use is extremely wide. Which includes the following:

  • Automobile
  • home appliances
  • building materials for homes
  • household items.

It can say that we cannot imagine modern industrial products without Abs plastic. For example, popular abs plastic molding manufacturers items include:

  • laptops
  • printers
  • washing machines
  • refrigerators
  • TVs, car audio systems
  • car navigation systems
  • carry carts for travel
  • and building exteriors

What is the role of abs plastic molding manufacturers in modern industry?

In particular, we often use Abs plastic to make the bodies of home appliances and IT products. And Abs plastic molding manufacturers produce it. It would not be wrong to say that modern life relies heavily on abs plastic.

So, why does all kinds of products use Abs plastic? And why does wide range of products use it? It is because of the characteristics of Abs plastic.

Nowadays, due to its high adaptability, experts consider it an excellent material for 3D printers. And many people use Abs plastic. various modern industrial products use Abs plastic.

History of abs plastic molding manufacturers.

It is truth that Abs plastic was first used around 1960. The  US Rubber Company had commercialized it for the first time. This company had commercialized in 1954.

Originally developed to improve the impact resistance of polystyrene plastic material. it is a material which has made by chemically bonding polystyrene with the following:

  • Acrylonitrile

Therefore, it had named Abs plastic by taking A of acrylonitrile, B of butadiene, and S of polystyrene. Specifically, abs plastic molding manufacturers that produce abs plastic and it has the following characteristics like:

  1. heat resistance
  2. mechanical strength
  • oil resistance of acrylonitrile
  1. rubber properties of butadiene
  2. impact resistance
  3. gloss of polystyrene
  • processability, and stability.

In addition to having the advantages of the above three components. When manufacturers want to have a glossy and beautiful appearance. In modern industrial products, manufacturers use Abs plastic where design is important. It is also a plastic material which suits for post-treatment such as:

  • surface processing
  • painting
  • printing

and its flexibility makes it a useful material for many manufacturing activities.

Characteristics of Abs plastic created by abs plastic molding manufacturers strengths and weaknesses

As we have already mentioned above, the general characteristics of abs are as follows:

  • impact resistance and high rigidity
  • easy to process
  • a glossy surface for a beautiful finish.

Because of its high performance, manufacturers use it in various products. But let me introduce some of its characteristics.

 Advantages of Abs plastic made by abs plastic molding manufacturers

  • Chemical resistance
  • Excellent rigidity
  • Strong in impact resistance, bending exhaust,pulling, etc.
  • High heat and cold resistance
  • Heat resistant temperature 70-100℃
  • The surface has excellent gloss
  • Can produce high quality texture without painting.

Disadvantages of abs plastic produced by abs plastic molding manufacturers

  • Weak in light resistance
  • burns because it is flammable
  • unique odor during processing
  • weak against organic solvents

Abs plastic manufacturing method

Manufacturers has made Abs plastic by adding two components like:

  1. Acrylonitrile
  2. Butadiene

Abs plastic developed by abs plastic molding manufacturers type

Abs plastic is a plastic material that takes advantage of the advantages of three components such as:

  • polystyrene
  • Acrylonitrile
  • and butadiene

But various Abs plastics can be created by changing the compounding ratio of these three components. In addition to the above three components, it is possible to create stronger Abs plastic. And also create Abs plastic with special performance by adding other components.

Here are some examples.

Abs plastic as a material for 3D printers

The word Abs plastic was originally known only in the field of plastic molding. But recently it is becoming more and more familiar. The biggest reason for this is the widespread identification of 3D printers.

Above all, Abs plastic is famous as a material used in a manufacturing method called hot melt lamination. The hot melt deposition method is a manufacturing method originally developed by famous Chinese abs plastic molding manufacturers .

And is called fused deposition modeling, commonly called FDM manufacturing method. The principle is simple and it is a method of melting the rod-shaped resin called filament by the following two methods:

  • heat

Abs plastic manufacturing via 3d printing

We understand that a 3D printer made with this method is cheaper. Because the end of the patent due to the expiration of patents. But the use of Abs plastic 3D printer materials will continue to expand with the spread of FDM 3D printers is expected.

FDM resin material use for 3D printers is a fiber because it is a fine thread. The physical properties of 3D printing filaments, which has made of Abs plastic designed by abs plastic molding manufacturers are basically the same as those describe above. And they do not change at all, making them suitable for processing and painting after molding.

abs plastic molding manufacturers in China

However, the performance of current low-priced FDM3D printers is not so good. And it is difficult to say that the nozzles that push out the gum are blocked and there are many misprints.

However, as the performance of 3D printers is improving rapidly, the demand for Abs plastic will continue to grow in the future. In addition, as mentioned above, Abs plastic can be mixed with other components to give various properties.

So, Abs plastic with various physical properties may appear even in thread materials for 3D printers.

Abs plastic with growing demand as a material for 3D printers

Summary The future of Abs plastic made by abs plastic molding manufacturers

Abs plastic has been used in various products for about half a century. And it can be said that it is a main material indispensable for industrial products.

There are wide range of use of abs plastics abs plastic molding manufacturers. And the flexibility of processing it corresponds to various manufacturing methods are second to none among ABS materials.

It can be said that there is demand for people from all positions. Which is starting with the industrial products we have described, toys such as:

  • plastic models and figures
  • DIY and prototypes

using 3D printers. It can also be processed into various functional plastics by combining with other different molecules like:

  • reinforced glass fiber
  • carbon fiber.

And consider it a material that will continue to play a central role in many industries. Which is particularly expected is not only the conventional mass production using dies. But also, the trial manufacturing that spreads with the spread of 3D printers.

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