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Types of die casting aluminum: What are the metal properties of die casting?

Release time:2021-12-25

An introduction to die casting process steps


die casting aluminum

What is Die casting aluminum?

Die casting aluminum is one of best economical procedure. And it is also one of rapid process of forming. One major advantage of this procedure of production is it has the ability to produce thousands of castings. Furthermore, this procedure can produce castings more rapidly with the help of only one' target='_blank'>mold.

Die casting is actually a well-known procedure of manufacturing of metal products. Basically, there are two major kinds of processes of die casting.

  1. Cold die casting
  2. Hot die casting

Furthermore, it also has many variations in procedure of design.

When melted metal has compelled at great pressure in mold cavities, all this process has known as die casting.The components that engineers produce using this process have a consistent quality. Moreover, this method also helps to produce production in fairly low cost.

What is the procedure of die casting aluminum?

Die Casting aluminum parts have the following qualities like:

  • smooth
  • well defined
  • precise and accurate
  • planed texture of surface.

Its system actually has high-pressure. Hence, it produces skilled metal parts by compelling the melted metals within a form of mold.

Furthermore, this casting procedure has the following properties:

  • extremely conductive
  • Gives highly fast production
  • consists of a great rigidity and potency in weight ratio
  • has ability to produce large volume of die casting parts rapidly
  • corrosion opposing
  • cost-effective in comparison to other die casting procedures

Die casting aluminum possess the following qualities:

  • they are lightweight
  • great dimensional lastingness.

Hence, with all these qualities aluminum die casting makes a nice alloy for die casting. Aluminum metals with low-density are very important for the industry of die casting.

This process of casting maintains a strength of durability at very high temperatures. And for this purpose, engineers utilize cold chamber machines.But cold chamber needs a higher pressure in comparison of hot chamber die casting.

What is the history of Die casting aluminum manufacturing?

If we look back, we find that the beginning of the casting industry starts in 1800. At that time, manufacturers first had used equipment of die casting aluminum in the printing industry. But at first this technology was advantageous for creating a mobile product.

In the course of 1849, Sturges had gained a patent for a manually operated machine. And that machine had designed for purpose of casting printing type.


Manufacturers had designed these unique kinds of Die casting for the purpose of fabricating simple shapes. But these simple shapes had also included complicated shapes. And these die casting machines had the following qualities, like:

  • creativeness
  • great level of accuracy
  • well consistent process.

So that they can get appreciation for their products.After 1855, Otto Mergenthaler had manufactured the linotype machine. This machine had become highly famous and effective part which was used in industry of publishing.

How many different kinds of Die casting aluminum processes are?

There are basically different kinds of die casting processes. And engineers design these processes according to the needs of following:

  • part geometry
  • molten metal
  • part size.

hot-chamber die casting:

This casting chamber constantly engages with the liquid alloy. This melted metal passes via a valve. And this valve passes the liquid in the casting chamber. Here this has pressed at a great speed inside a closed casting mold with the help of piston.

Furthermore, this process uses alloys which have a low point of melting.

Moreover, these alloys are:

  • tin
  • lead
  • zinc

What are the main advantages of Die casting aluminum?

Although there are several reasons that aluminumis one of the best metals for die casting aluminum. But the most famous and popular benefit is that aluminumis basically a lightweight metal.

So, for this feature, it produces highly lightweight parts. But these lightweight parts do not sacrifice their strength.


These parts also consist options of extra surface finishing. And they can stand in greater operating temperatures in comparison to nonferrous metals. Basically, aluminum die casting parts have following benefits like:

  • extremely conductive
  • corrosion stable
  • good rigidity
  • weight-to-strength.

This process of die casting is actually based on rapid production. This rapid production permits a great volume of production. And their production is highly rapid.

Furthermore, in comparison to other processes die casting process is low cast. So, this casting process has become the world’s favorable option for customers.

Moreover, advantages and qualities of aluminum die casting also include the following characteristics.These are like:

  1. perfect conductivity of electricity
  2. outstanding resisting of corrosion
  3. great ratio of weight to strength
  4. strong, stable and lightweight
  5. totally recyclable
  6. fully reusable in productionPlastic Die Mould Manufacturer in china

Here are some more advantages of Die casting aluminum

The major advantages of the die casting also include some more facts, like:

  • rapid production
  • great reliability
  • high standard quality
  • versatile design.

Here are extra details of above advantages of Die aluminum

Rapid production:

The tooling of die cast actually requires least time of maintenance.

Great reliability:

Mass production parts has great consistency that is remarkable and exceptional

High standard quality:

Parts that engineers create via die casting are long lasting.

Versatile design:

This process actually hascapability to create parts that have following abilities, like:

  • part geometry
  • any size
  • texture of surface.

What are the essential considerations while selecting die casting alloys for Die casting aluminum?

The selection of alloy for die casting becomes clear when engineers use the final product. And they also get awareness about the functions of final product.

There are basically two main considerations while selecting die casting alloys.

And these are:

  1. If engineers are casting components that are corrosion resistor and also has great strength. Then they use following alloys, like:
  • copper

Because they will be an efficient choice for these requirements.

  1. Selection of alloys really depends on the volume of production. For purpose of great volume of production, it is really important to select alloys. That can expand life of molds.

For example,

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