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Rapid Prototyping is the Future of Manufacturing Industry

Release time:2021-12-25

Rapid Prototyping is the Future of Manufacturing Industry

The elite' target='_blank'>rapid prototyping manufacturers have been using the' target='_blank'>rapid prototyping technique for more than 20 years. The method proves to empower rapid product innovation. The prototype techniques have become more effective and sophisticated due to the advances in 3D printing technology.

Modern rapid prototyping makes it possible to create prototypes that are not only a replica copy of the final product in terms of look, but they are also fully functional. The manufacturers now are using 3D prototyping for professional printing solutions.

There is no denying that 3D printing us among the most mature form of creating prototypes. Therefore, it has grown very quickly in a limited time. The future of manufacturing relies on rapid prototyping.

The Market Split

According to leading manufacturers, the market is currently divided into two main groups. The first category incorporates the one that has been using 3D printing technology for decades now. These companies fully comprehend the importance and working mechanism of technology.

They have the complete knowledge of cost-benefit rationale and the use cases. Meaning, they are fully aware of the break-even points and the cost per parts that would ensure benefits.

The second segment of the market compromises of the small manufacturing companies that have recently adopted rapid prototyping technology. Their major focus is the quick delivery and to incorporate the technology’s integrity into their workflow.

The second market segment is growing extremely fast. Over the period of 12 to 18 months, we have seen a significant increase in the sales and the inquiries of the new adopters.

Rapid Prototyping Manufacturers

Will the steady increase and interest in 3D printing lead to more development?

The experienced rapid prototyping manufacturers, the main challenge is to print parts that have higher repeatability rate, accuracy, and functionality. While having all these aspects, the parts are aesthetically pleasing as well.

The future is bright for this aspect of the manufacturing field. There would be a constant focus on the areas of research related to 3D systems enhancement and development. More and more big guns are investing to develop a more refined, sophisticated, and efficient 3D printing machine.

The new adopters need to understand that assimilating 3D printing is very easy. Once they are able to assimilate 3D printing in their NPI processes, they will be able to help their business. After all, the main objective of 3D printing systems is to create premium quality, reliable, easy to use, and effective prints using technology that is easy to install.

Current Market Trends

Thanks to technological advancement, we now have new and more sophisticated approaches to 3D printing techniques. We now move towards the decentralizing of 3D printing. Instead of reaching out to a single prototyping manufacturer, getting in the queue, and wait for the turns. People are looking for faster, yet reliable alternatives.

Companies are making it possible for the complimentary group and individual teams to gain access to printers within the vanity of their workspace.  This democratization indicates that more and more people are becoming aware of the technology and they are willing to incorporate it. Thus, resulting in the drive of momentum.

How Rapid Prototyping is Increasing Agility in Manufacturing and Design?

To remain competitive in the market, it is necessary for the manufacturers to come up with upgrades and innovates products while reducing the market time. Previously, it wasn’t a possibility. Since it took weeks or months for a product to enter the market

However, with rapid prototyping, the time frame has shrunk overnight. Thus, allowing more and more products to hit the market within a limited timeframe.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

There is no denying that the low-risk, high rewarding rapid prototyping technology is and will offer numerous benefits to the manufacturers. Technology is opening new gates of opportunities, even though, it is not being used to its full potential.

For instance, rapid prototyping in the automotive industry is worth $5 billion globally. Around 3,000 newly packed consumer-goods are released every year. Every one of these consumers good would undergo numerous iterations before it hits the market. All this and much more is possible due to the rapid prototyping and 3D printing technology.

Since the shape and the design of consumer packages have a direct impact on customer purchase. Therefore, companies around the globe invest in finding out the right packaging and making the right impression.

For instance, a cosmetics brand is planning to launch a new brand packing. The first step would be to discuss the idea with their packaging manufacturers. In most cases, the packaging manufacturers offer limited packaging options that are developed using either glass-type acrylic or glass itself.

However, in the case of 3D printing, the horizon broadens.  This is highly effective when the manufacturer is using high-end material including the Accura ClearVue, or VisiJet Armor. Both these material lead in the packaging world.

Since the packaging manufacturer now has the ability to offer unique packaging designs and shapes, thus it would allow the consumer to enjoy a more customized experience. The consumers would have a more competitive advantage.

CNC Milled

The headlight covers of automobiles is another great example. They are created using the CNC milling process. The manufacturer uses an acrylic material –solid block—and mills it with a CNC machine. Even though the process yields results, but the volume of wastage is extremely high.

Also, the rejection rate is high. It is like 2 out of three finished parts are not up to the mark. Thus, it would cost the supplier more in terms of time and money.

Rapid Prototyping Manufacturers & Suppliers

Choosing Rapid Prototyping Manufacturers

3D printing, rapid prototyping reduces production time significantly while ensuring accuracy and effectiveness. It also offers more designing flexibility and idea testing ability. The technology offers numerous benefits, and to use it to its full potential, you need to have the right manufacturer.

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