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What is Auto Spare Parts Machining? (Automotive parts manufacturer guide)

Release time:2021-12-24

What is Auto Spare Parts Machining? (Automotive parts manufacturer guide)

auto spare parts machining

A CNC' target='_blank'>machining industry is responsible for submitting raw material to a machine and / or tool. This material will gain a new shape and polishing necessary to a demand. Today, the Auto Spare Parts Machining industry is expanding.

So it is possible to produce parts with perfect cut and finishes, tailored and completely computerized. In general, a CNC machining industry can be a producer of the most varied types of part for a huge industrial market.

It is worth noting that the molding processes within a CNC machining industry can carry with different materials, be they ceramics or metals. The technology is present in the CNC machining industry in several ways. We can highlight the CNC lathes. They have undergone an improvement in the industrial process, and the machines that work with computerized numerical commands.

They are still under the control of the workers. But they optimize service and guarantee great precision when molding.

How does cnc Auto Spare Parts Machining work?

In a simple way, CNC Auto Spare Parts Machining takes place through a machine. It runs through some number commands. These are a manufacturing process that uses computers to automate machines and tools in all stages of production. And it can include tools according to with the need. In addition, there are several machining processes, among them are:

In general, it can be said that Auto Spare Parts Machining are parts develop through an automated manufacturing process. It goes through numerical commands.


Parts in the machining of cnc parts come from a combination of software and hardware. It is a combination that sets to perform the operation of both machines and tools. Such as:

  • milling machines
  • lathes or
  • machining centers

Lathe for CNC Auto Spare Parts Machining

In general, it is possible to state that a lathe for machining cnc parts should perform well on the most varied parts. Moreover, it provides them with a better finish. All parts develop using a computer, providing greater precision and control for the machining process of each part.

Advantages of CNC Parts Machining

The biggest reason for looking for cnc Auto Spare Parts Machining is the one that all companies want: cost-effective. This is because it increases the volume of production and, at the same time, reduces the cost of products. In addition, the parts produced have more quality. They go through a more precise and deeper controllable cutting method.

There are also advantages in terms of production time, as each part starts to be manufactured more quickly. Simple and complex profiles are easier to make, and development devices are accessible. With the model design, time is reduced. Similarly, we can make adjustments more quickly. With a reduced machining time and production of parts, product delivery also happens faster. The industry ends up saving and gaining in productivity.

In addition to being manufactured with greater precision and control, other quite significant advantages presented by all parts machining cnc parts are the quality and speed of production. Furthermore, this technology is making its space in the market. The machining parts of cnc parts are easy to produce now in a very short time. Hence, this time is only around 3 to 4 minutes.


Auto Spare Parts Machining services are services known worldwide for their great potential in presenting small parts and tools. But these parts have complex shapes and designs. However, with the technological advances that this area has managed to achieve, new methods have emerged.

One of them is the machining of CNC parts. Machining of CNC parts is a machining method that can bring many benefits to companies that adopt this type of machine.

A CNC part machining machine will waste a much smaller amount of material and this will save the company financial resources. In addition, the cost cut can also occur due to the employee who is responsible for operating this type of machine, being able to control other machines at the same time, thus causing the company to cut expenses related to hiring.

The machining of CNC parts can offer companies more efficient and more accurate results. Through this modern control, the machine will be able to understand the design specified by the project and reproduce it on the metal block that will be molded through the lathe.

But for us to be able to find a quality company to offer CNC parts machining services, it is very important to do a thorough market research. This research may show, for example:

  • If the company has experienced employees
  • If the company has modern machinery and equipment at its disposal
  • And if the company carries out its activities within all the standards and specifications that the market requires.

Everything you need to know about Auto Spare Parts Machining

Machining processes are very present in industries of all segments, mainly metal mechanics. In these processes, metal parts – cast or forged – are important to shearing processes. This removes material from the part, known as chip.

This removal of material serves to give the desired shape to it. And it can have different purposes such as finishing surfaces or obtaining shapes. Such as:

  • Holes
  • threads and
  • recesses

The human being has been working with metals – mainly gold and copper.  The emergence of the steam engine and later the use of electricity as a driving force in the industry had a major impact on these processes.

Since the 1950s, with the emergence of CNC machines, machining has evolved considerably. Moreover, it has reached to precision in the range of 1 micron (10 -6 m).

In today’s article we will show you everything you need to know to understand Auto Spare Parts Machining processes. Continue reading:

What is Machining Process?

They comprise all manufacturing processes where material removal in the form of chips occurs. Material removal occurs due to interference between the machining tool and the workpiece .

auto spare parts machining Suppliers

The tools used in these processes are made of material. Its hardness and resistance is much higher than the material of the part being machined. The chips are quite famous for by their irregular shape.

Industrial machining operations give a part:
  • shape
  • dimensions
  • surface finish
  • or even the combination of more than one of these options

Materials that can be machined

We can divide these materials in two groups: metallic and non-metallic.

In general, machining processes are directly relevant to metallic materials such as:

  • iron
  • steel and
  • special alloys

Such processes carry from a metal block that takes on a specific shape through machining itself. Or, the starting material we can also forg Auto Spare Parts Machining They have their shapes already defined and we can finish them through machining.

Some products present in our daily lives such as contact lenses – intra or extra-ocular – and CDs are the result of machining processes made from non-metallic raw material.

Types of spare parts Operations

Machining processes comprise different operations that have different purposes in the manufacturing processes. Therefore, we read the main ones:


Basically, turning is the oldest process and perhaps even today the most common machining operation. It is a mechanical process to obtain surfaces of revolution with the aid of one or more mono-cutting tools.

In this type of operation, the part rotates around the main axis of rotation of the machine. And the tool moves simultaneously along a coplanar path with the axis. Turning can be straight or curvilinear, as to the shape of its path.


It is a process that occurs by opening one or more helical grooves of uniform pitch. When threading, the workpiece or tool rotates and one of them moves simultaneously along a straight path parallel to the axis of rotation.


It is a mechanical process for obtaining surfaces of revolution with the aid of one or more bar tools. In boring operations, the tool rotates and the workpiece or tool moves simultaneously along a specific path.


It is an abrasion machining process, where the cutting wedge surfaces of the tool are finished.


Generally, the planning is good to obtain ruled surfaces. Such operations come into rough planning to finish planning.


The broaching is used to obtain any surfaces with the aid of multi-cutting tools. In this process, the tool or part moves along a straight, coincident or parallel path to the tool axis.

auto spare parts machining company


Abrasion machining process used to finish revolutionary cylindrical holes. In this operation, the tool operates on helical paths and all active grains in the abrasive tool are in constant contact with the workpiece surface. When honing, the tool or workpiece can rotate and move axially in reciprocating motion.

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