Applicable mold: resin mold (more than 100 pieces); ABS mould (more than 300 pieces); Aluminum alloy mould (more than 1000 pieces).

Physical properties: similar to PP/ABS. Products with aging resistance, impact resistance, high anastomosis, easy to load and unload and other characteristics.

Injection pressure: about 10MPa. Flow control: 600g/s.

Maximum pouring workpiece: 2000mmX1200mmX1000mm, 10KG.

Reaction Injection Moulding is also known as low pressure Reaction molding. It is a new process applied to the production of rapid moulding products. It is a new process in which the two-component polyurethane materials are mixed and injected into the rapid moulding at room temperature and low pressure to form the products through the chemical and physical processes such as polymerization, cross-linking and curing of the materials. It has the advantages of high efficiency, short production cycle, simple process and low cost. It is suitable for the trial production of small batches in the process of product development, as well as the production of small batches of covering parts with simple structure and large thick and non-uniform wall thickness products.

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