3D scanning and 3D printing rapid prototyping play well together

Release time:2018-09-03
PD Models was happy to work with young British artist Stuart Sandford, to produce 10 limited edition six-inch vacuum casted statuettes, made to reproduce marble.

This was a great project to work on as it involved so many processes. To start with, a live model was 3D scanned by a London based company Sample and Hold using the latest high resolution 3D printing rapid prototyping and 3D scanning technology. Once we had the data from this, we used our 3D printer to create a master model that was hand finished and primed ready for the casting process.

Using this master model a silicone rubber “tool” or mould was made. From this the 10 statuettes were vacuum cast using resin that had been impregnated with marble dust and a few other ingredients in order to give the effect of white marble. The statuettes were then given a bit of hand finishing before they were ready to go on display.

3D printing rapid prototyping

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