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The Core Research Direction of Rapid Prototyping Technology in Shenzhen Shouban Factory

Release time:2018-09-03

The Core Research Direction of Rapid Prototyping Technology in Shenzhen Shouban Factory.

    The so-called' target='_blank'>rapid prototyping is the daily people said RP, the current' target='_blank'>rapid prototyping technology research and its wide range of applications, rapid prototyping technology can be developed and research work is divided into the following aspects:

    First, some rapid prototyping materials do not have high performance characteristics, therefore, to maximize the development of high performance materials, such as those easy to shape, high strength, low cost, pollution-free, durable and small deformation of the rapid molding material is ideal The goal;

    Second, the rapid prototyping system must be made to a greater degree of processing speed, while the development of parallel manufacturing means to improve efficiency;

    Third, the reliability of the rapid prototyping system needs to be improved, and its ability to produce large pieces of capacity and productivity is greatly improved. At the same time, the equipment structure must be optimized, especially for the physical properties, surface quality, the accuracy of forming parts to be particularly concerned.

    Fourth, some performance is relatively high rapid prototyping system software needs to be developed. Moreover, data processing accuracy and speed must be improved, and through the CAD raw data for direct slicing method needs more research and development, at the same time, must reduce the slice processing and format conversion process loss accuracy.

    Fifth, this is particularly important, that is, the new rapid prototyping energy needs to be developed.

    Sixth, to innovate and improve the rapid prototyping process and methods. According to the current research, direct metal forming technology or will become the future application and research hotspot.
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