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Looking for Cast Urethane Parts? HLH Prototypes is the Best Place For You

Release time:2023-05-12

Looking for Cast Urethane Parts? HLH Prototypes is the Best Place For You

Cast urethane parts or vacuum casting can produce high-quality parts quickly and cost-effectively without the lead time and expenses associated with production tooling. Many manufacturing companies in China may offer the service, but not all of them are as reliable as HLH Prototypes. You can rely on them to cast parts of any size to make any product, such as car bumpers and headphones. The company carries a wide range of materials to suit your project.

About the company

Vowin  Prototypes is an established and experienced' target='_blank'>rapid prototyping and manufacturing company that continues to prove itself among the most world’s dependable and fastest service providers. As its customer base and reputation continue to grow, they offer a massive range of custom low-volume manufacturing and prototyping solutions under one roof. 

The company is ISO:9001 certified to ensure the best quality management systems that meet your needs and other regulatory and statutory requirements related to your product. It’s also IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certified.

Vacuum casting the HLH Prototypes way

Vowin  Prototypes cast urethane parts in three stages:

  1. The master model is 3D printed (using SLS or SLA) or CNC machined.
  2. Liquid silicone is poured around a custom master model and cured, then the dry result is cut from the mold, leaving the cavity.
  3. The resin is poured into the cavity, casting the production-like replica

Benefits of vacuum casting for your project

Vowin  Prototypes has extensive experience in vacuum casting for rapid iterations, prototyping, and market testing purposes. Its service is ideal for low-volume parts and creating self-colored, production-like products from a massive range of materials, including rubber parts, all while requiring a low upfront cost.

Working with you

Vowin Prototypes will work closely with you when you cast urethane parts with them. They can review your project and provide design tips, such as ensuring consistent wall thickness to prevent sunken sections.

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