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Advantages Of Injection Prototype Molds

Release time:2020-10-14

Limit the concept risk: made out of aluminum or soft metal alloy, the concept risk is greatly lowered. This material is indeed easier to machine than metal and the' target='_blank'>mold will not include all the functionalities of the first series. This makes it simpler and easier to make adjustments and modifications on the cavities if necessary. During the prototyping stage and for the production of pilot and transition series, this greater flexibility is a huge advantage.

Accelerate the concept: the mold manufacturing process is greatly accelerated and your first ‘right material’ parts produced in a shorter amount of time, usually between 2-4 weeks. Depending on the complexity of the cavities, it would also be 20%-40% faster than a machine and 5-10 times faster to polish than steel series molds. That’s an interesting solution to increase speed.

Limit the financial risk: although plastic injection molding is the most expensive prototyping technology, going for a prototype mold to produce your parts will limit the initial investment. It will indeed allow for the production of several thousand parts (up to 150/200 with a silicon mold) in a relatively short period of time. The mold remains your property and you can use it to produce fragmented small series of plastic parts.

Benefit from series parts: the parts injected will be equivalent to series parts. Complex shapes and precise tolerance, wide choice of materials and good finishing, this prototype mold is the most efficient prototyping solution. Overmolding and insert molding are also possible with this prototype mold.

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